Gratitude to Mama Kitty, A New Understanding

Published August 22, 2014 by katiekieffer

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Once upon a time, before meeting ThetaHealing®, I simply would do my best to read the body language of my furbabies. Mama Kitty was pretty easy to read, or so I thought. She was an indoor-outdoor tortoiseshell cat who loved her freedom to roam. Born into my family and taught to hunt and thrive on her own by her mother, Lydia, Mama Kitty was having none of this indoor-only stuff. No matter our living situation, we made sure she had the ability to come and go as she pleased. She lived to be a ripe age of 14. This is pretty long for a cat that was outdoors as much as she was.

Mama Kitty was with me through some of the most awful times of my life. She was always a comfort and joy. As a kitten she would curl up on my books as I read, successfully gaining the attention she sought. She went through 6 moves with me and lived in 3 states. On our last move back to North Carolina, she became rather clingy – unlike her. I assumed it was simply the stress of moving yet again and didn’t think much of it until I noticed her eating was reducing. Her eating habits were not always apparent as she hunted as much as she ate of her kibble. She was certainly well fed. After all, her mama wiped out an entire squirrel population within a year of her coming to live with us and she taught her kittens well.


I won’t go into the details, but in fall of 2011 Mama Kitty was ill with an oral cancer. By the time I realized that she was sick and got her to the vet, it was well spread. I grew up taking animals to the vet only when and if absolutely necessary, and even then only if we had a little money. My parents were too poor to take them otherwise. With such a program I carried, I waited too long to take her in. Truly she was ready to transition by this time. She had lived a long and difficult life, and transmuted a vast amount of energy for me (of course at the time I knew nothing of energywork). I had to make the heart wrenching call to end her physical suffering. She was ready, I cried and prayed and thanked her for all she did. By this time I did know of energy work and was in the very early days of my path and understood the transition well enough to know she was not only ready, but needed to transition over to the spirit realm.

Mama Kitty did so much more for me than I had ever realized. The more I learn of energywork, the more I realize just what she did for me. She snuggled with me when I felt unwell, pulling the illness from me and helping my body to process. She interrupted my hiding in books by demanding attention. She transmuted an amazing amount of negative energy during the 3 years I was with an abusive boyfriend. She moved with me, and moved again and yet again. She stayed with me when she could have disappeared. She loved me. She was my familiar, whether I understood that or not.

Thank you Mama Kitty for all the wonderful years you spent with me. Thank you for the amazing work you did for and with me. Thank you for staying with me even when it was an awful environment – and thank you for shielding me. You are loved, remembered and cherished. May we meet again somewhere in time. ❤



The Bare Necessities

Published July 13, 2014 by katiekieffer

The bare necessities. Every time I hear that phrase I think of Mowgli, Baloo and The Jungle Book. The song automatically begins playing in my head and I have visions of a very content Baloo teaching Mowgli that life can be easy when you let go of the worries and the strife.
Bare Necessities 2

What are your bare necessities?

Have you ever really thought about it? Have you ever consciously decided at what minimum you are willing to live? What about the maximum you’re willing to live?

Your Thermostat

In every area of your life, you have a thermostat. This is most likely outside of the conscious mind, hidden within the subconscious realm. You may or may not be aware of it, though you certainly feel the manifestations of it in your life.

Money gives an easy example. If your money thermostat is set at $10,000 then at any given time, that is all you will have accessible to you in all the various forms of money. If you fall below that, circumstances will arise that bring you back up to your $10,000 setting. Likewise, if you go over that mark, something will happen to drop you down to that $10,000 setting. Have you really gone for something to increase your prosperity, done really well then BAM! Got knocked back to “square one”? You went for it without raising your financial thermostat in the subconscious mind. There are many ways to raise the financial thermostat. It is ok if you take it a little at a time, though a huge jump is what most of us want to see. We want to go from having our bare necessities to living the financially-free life we dream of within a year or so. The interesting thing about this is that it truly is possible to do this! Most people just don’t believe that it is possible, and therefore the self-sabotage begins. If you’ve experienced this pattern first hand, you know what I mean. I certainly have been there, and am fervently digging for the subconscious programs that need changed to raise my financial thermostat – and so far the results have been amazing! Opportunities of all sorts have shown up. The synchronicity I have seen is very heartening, and affirming.


Gratitude is a key to raising your thermostat, regardless of the area of life you are wanting improved. Moving into the feeling of gratitude for the health you have now, staying there as long as you can will help your health improve.

Moving into the feeling of gratitude for the money you do have flowing into your life will help you stabilize and eventually grow financially.

Moving into the feeling of gratitude for the people in your life whom you love will help you appreciate and attract to you the love you want in your life.

Remember, Energy Flows Where Focus Goes.

That which you resist persists.

Let go of resisting, worries and put your focus elsewhere. Step back from the strife and let it go. No need to resist – let it go. “How?!” You say? Start by putting your focus on the gratitude of whatever is an aspect that you like, are ok with or enjoy that is tied into that which you resist. “Oh, easier said than done!” some may say, and I agree. It may be challenging to just let worries, strife and resistance “float away”, especially if that’s your default setting. It can be done though if you are truly willing to make some shifts in your life.

Example: Do you resist going to your job because it sucks? Do you feel awful going to work? Try this: Move into a feeling of gratitude that you have a job that provides you with money. Enough or no, it still is a job you make money at. Start there. Then move on to who you enjoy seeing at work. No focus on those that are irritating or maddening, move into a feeling of gratitude for those you get along well with, and especially those you enjoy seeing. Having trouble finding those people? Who is it that you would miss if you stopped working there today?

Try this – no matter the area of life, love, health, relationships, learning, any thing you are resistant to – find the area related and fill it with gratitude. Do this as often as possible and watch how your resistance shifts.

17 seconds is all you need…

to start drawing to you more “like” thoughts. 17 seconds of focused thought, most effective when you can hold the emotion of gratitude with that thought is all you need to get started.

Take that and stay in the thought and feeling for 68 seconds. Vibrationally, this activates the manifestation process!

The best way to speed this up is to be in a theta brainwave. Whatever modality you choose, or if you just go for it, you’ll find benefit. You can make lasting changes in your life, in all areas of your life. ThetaHealing® so far has proven to be the fastest and easiest way in my opinion, which is why I have chosen to practice it, and thus share it.

However you choose to handle your bare necessities and raise that thermostat in your life…know that the Universe is supporting you in all your thoughts, feelings and manifestations. Once you have shifted the subconscious mind, released any conflicting programs that hinder or block that which you want….

The Bare Necessities, and More Will Come To You!




Katie Kieffer is a ThetaHealing® practitioner

and owner of



Have We All Gone Crazy? Too Good To Miss Out!

Published July 9, 2014 by katiekieffer

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Techie. HuH? THANK YOU!

Published May 15, 2014 by katiekieffer

First, I want to make it clear that I am in no way a techie. I am totally a novice and if you’ve been following me lately, that should be totally evident. I’m ok with that.

So, I want to say THANK YOU! To everyone who has looked at my stuff and gone “Huh?” “The info I need isn’t here!” or anything of the sort over the last two months. My website has gone through several changes, minor as they may be, it’s BIG info that you needed!

The image above depicts well how I have felt often over the last several weeks. I am test driving Constant Contact, as a way to get everyone the newsletter and workshop information at one time, and looking professional while I’m at it. I know ThetaHealing®. Book a session with me, come to a workshop – you can be confident that shifts are made in your life that help you gain more positive, loving experiences in your daily life. Now, how to get the word out so more people know about the workshops and can easily register, or book a private session? That is a whole different profession. That is the “marketing” profession. So, I have done my own Theta belief work around this, and am allowing Creator to be my marketing manager.

THANK YOU for hanging in there with me while I learn this. THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog, checks out the website, has signed up for the newsletter/EZine, and registered for the workshops. This venture is about YOU and helping YOU heal. I have turned the “how the hell am I going to do this” part over to Creator.

It’s really the only way to do it after all isn’t it?

Spring Time, Cleaning Out & Parasites

Published April 22, 2014 by katiekieffer

It’s SPRING TIME!! A time when most of us are cleaning house in many ways. If you are feeling drained, take a look to see what could be causing it. We should be feeling energized and revitalized in the spring, and if we aren’t …then it’s time to clean out…in every way.

Parasites. The very word draws “eeeww!”s and “ick!”s from most people. The truth is, we live with parasites every single day. There are over 650,000 kinds of parasites associated with the human body. Some are even beneficial to us, as there are parasitic bacteria that live in our digestive system that help us. In ThetaHealing, we do not, or should not handle parasites using ThetaHealing directly to kill them off. Instead, we work on the beliefs and feelings that are attractive to parasites.



Spiritual Parasites

These go by many names. Frankly, if you pick up spirits into your energy field often and feel drained…you’re picking up parasitic energies. Psychic hooks and cords can also be a form of spiritual parasite.



Parasitic People

Oh, you know these. These are the people who drain you in anyway without giving back, without a balance. The people who take advantage of you. If you have many of these people in your life or even just one or two that you just can’t shake or get in balance…you’ve got some work to do.



Then of course, there are the physical, little buggers that can enter our bodies and wreak havoc.



First, if you suspect that you have physical parasites in your body, a cleanse is in order. You can visit a doctor and get checked for them. Many people do cleanses yearly or several times a year. You must choose what works best for you* The varieties of cleanses are well-spelled out on the internet and most alternative medical professionals can guide you as to what will work best for you. Conventional medical doctors can help also, though it is my understanding that MD prescriptions only rid the body of a select few types of parasites whereas natural approaches can take care of hundreds with one blend.


Second, what are the beliefs you carry? If you are picking up spirits or have parasitic people in your life, there is definitely belief work to be done! Some beliefs and feelings that allow these beings to attach and stay with you are:

“I must allow others to suck me dry”

“I must allow others to take advantage of me”

“I have to be a martyr”

“I must give all my time and energy for others”

“I am last in line”

“I must please everyone else”


Ok, there’s a shameless plug for Raw for Beauty. There’s some great info there.**

So, belief and feeling work to help you rid your life of parasites. I found myself dealing with many parasites of many kinds. Once I did belief work around it, parasitic people and spirits drastically reduced. Occasionally I will pick up a spirit or psychic hook, yet no where like I used to. Just a few days ago, I began an herbal parasite cleanse. Oh. My. Let me digress a moment….any physical parasites you may carry communicate their needs to you. If you CRAVE sweets, candida may be an issue (or not), just for instance. Likewise, they can tell you they are dying, which can make you feel AWFUL. My husband is sure that I had food poisoning as I did show the symptoms of it (by the way, that too is caused by a parasite, giardia), however I am still convinced my illness has been due to a mass die-off that overwhelmed my system. Today is day 4 of taking the herbs and I feel much better yet still not nearly as good as I would like. The past 2 days I was pretty much bedridden. Hence, I encourage you to work with a professional if you choose to do a parasite cleanse on the physical body. Between the mass die-off that is possible and the communicating of the dying parasites to you – support is really a benefit! I’m blessed that I have friends who have done this and are health professionals too 🙂

So, back to the beliefs. Some beliefs you want to bring into your life to limit the access of parasites:

“I know how and when to say NO”

“I know the feeling of what it feels like to say NO and have it be respected by others”

“I know the feeling of what it feels like to live my life without being sucked dry”

“I understand through Creator how to, and I do live my life without being sucked dry now”

“I know I can, and I do live my life without needing to be a martyr now”

“I know how to and that I am always connected with Creator at all times”

“I know how to live my life without having to give up all my time and energy to please others. I have Creator’s discernment, truth and perspective on this”

“I know how to, and do put good food in my body”

“I know the feeling of what it feels like to live my life without attracting parasitical people to me”

These are a great beginning to ridding your life of parasites. For some of us, we chose to come into a family of parasitic people, therefore we may need to learn the feeling of what it feels like to live without parasitic people or at lease without allowing them to drain us. This in no way means we need to cut ties with family or people we love, though we do need to learn the feeling of what it feels like to have our boundaries respected by others. There are many other beliefs that may need to be sent to Creator, changed or brought in, as with everything, each individual is different. This is intended to get you started.



*This post in no way is intended to diagnose, treat or give medical advice.

**For entertainment purposes only, never for medical advice. I make no claims of being a raw foodist nor do I advocate it. I only advocate that you do what resonates with YOUR SOUL ❤

What You Need to Know This Spring

Published April 14, 2014 by katiekieffer


I have been reading this post about the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross. Now, I am no astrologer, but when something resonates as truth, it’s truth. So read this article.

Read it again.

The advice is GREAT. I will further emphasize *Be Gentle With Yourself* and others too. If you are going through some major expansion that is digging out all the stuff that the subconscious has been protecting you from…others may be too. Awareness is KEY.

It is looking like those who have been feeling suppressed will experience some liberation. If you’re one of them…pay attention. There is no need to be rash or destructive. Make sure you balance any of those impulses out. Gain your liberation with love and joy as best you can – your experience and future will be far more enjoyable!

The Jupiter – Pluto opposition is interesting. In the article they talk of growth coming at a price. I am tending to disagree with that – there is no need for sacrifice to grow. Whether you sacrifice to gain in this growth is completely up to what you believe – and you can change what it is you believe. Personally, I see what falls away, or “the price” to be things ready and wanted to be let go which makes it easy. 

Should you find yourself processing hard or struggling, it’s just beliefs that are making it so. You have the ability to roll with the changes easily and gracefully. Being aware of the energies is going to go a very long way to helping you be gentle and kind with yourself and others. Much is changing and is going to change. It’s up to you how easy it is in your life.

It seems that progress is being made regardless of whether one wants to or not. Those who are resisting personal growth and change are those most likely to have the harshest transitions and challenges. If you are living with someone resistant to change and you are embracing it, keep yourself in a place of love and peace. Recognize their choices without needing to take their drama on as your own. Keeping yourself in a place of love will go a long way to helping you stay centered for yourself.

Most important through this spring:

Observe without judgement – yourself and others

Stay in a loving space

Keep your energy field clear

Roll with it

Enjoy the ride!!

Definitions and Feelings

Published April 2, 2014 by katiekieffer



They are important right? If you are working in a group of people toward the same goal, you all need to be on the same page, and have the same definition of your goal. The same works for the Universe. If the Universe has a definition of something, isn’t it in your best interest to have the same definition (or at least perspective of) as the Universe? If you are asking the Universe to help you or bring you more joy in your life it helps to have the same definition and know what it feels like from the highest Source.

I have seen many changes in people’s lives just by aligning their definition with that of Source / Creator (or the Universe, God, Goddess, whatever you choose to call the highest realm of creative energy) and bringing in the energy of the feeling of that which they seek.



When asking for more of something or something different in your life, it helps to know what it *feels* like from the highest perspective. If you were raised in a family where love was scarce or the showing of it was, you may not know what love actually *feels* like. Pair that up with mass consciousness and media depictions of what love is and you can end up feeling awful in your seeking love, because your definition is different from the Universe / Creator’s and you have not yet had the opportunity to really know what love feels like.

change your thougts change your world


Conflicting Beliefs

Beliefs that directly contradict one another. You can believe “I love my mother” AND “I hate my mother” at the same time. So, to remedy this, getting Creator’s perspective of the situation and releasing the “I hate my mother” will go a long way to clearing up any relationship issues you may have with your mother. Likewise, you can hold the belief “I deserve to be wealthy” AND “I deserve to be poor” at the same time. Same concept applies. Creator’s perspective and releasing the “I deserve to be poor” will go a long way in allowing you, and helping you, to manifest more wealth in your life. It will change how, and if, you sabotage yourself.


Self Sabotage

Let’s be truthful. Most of us have sabotaged ourselves at some time or another. We may have even recognized what we were doing in the midst of it but could not or would not stop. It’s those definitions, beliefs and feelings driving us! Aligning your definition with Creator’s and instilling the feeling from the highest Source of Creation changes that profoundly.

Changing things I cannot Accept

How do I GET THAT?!

How do we get definitions and feelings from and aligned with Source/Creator/Universe/God/Goddess etc? Well, we go and get it!  We actually take our energy and consciousness to Source and “download” or “instil” the energy of the definition and the feeling into ourselves (or a practitioner does this for a client). It is amazing to feel the energy move and epiphanies that can happen. People can even *look* different after a session. It is gentle and subtle yet profound and evident. The more you align with the highest definition and feeling, the more you clear out the beliefs that no longer serve you…the faster you manifest energy to matter, the more clear your life becomes.

It does require active participation on your part. It does require that you are willing to take a look at your own beliefs, many you likely have no idea you hold. Many of these aren’t even yours – and that is the good news! Many of these are blood or cellular memory from parents and ancestors. Many are mass-consciousness stuff. Many are from our parents and the environment we grew up in. We absorbed quite a lot of the definitions, feelings and beliefs without our realizing it or controlling it. However, we CAN change it and control what we choose to allow into our energy in the future.

The choice is yours. It is YOUR LIFE. Make it one you enjoy! 🙂


P.S. I am only familiar with the ThetaHealing® modality in this and you are invited to share other modalities!