About Katie

I am a ThetaHealing® practitioner, I LOVE energy work of all sorts. Visit the website! www.awakentheinnerlight.com

My family enjoys local foods from local farms and we are cultivating our own gardening skills. We are also a homeschooling family.

Life is here to enjoy, and I do my best to enjoy every bit possible.

I have many friends that I would like to see more often.

I am still clearing my “stuff” and growing mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Whatever I write about on this blog means something to me, and I simply wish to share it. Often I write to myself…and hope others can benefit too.

I am always shifting and changing.

I have been known to drive my family crazy 🙂 They still love me!

I have been known to give great advice…then fail to follow it myself when it applied to my own life. This is improving through ThetaHealing®!

I am becoming more aware of how to apply my own advice in my own life…and it is AWESOME. Practice what you preach…I do my best…sometimes I’m great at it…other times not so much. This is a learning curve for me.

I am an incredible being of light…as are YOU! I hope for each of us to recognize that we are wonderful beings of light, sparks of the Creator.

I am learning to forgive myself and to heal. The more “stuff” I clear, the better my life flows, the more opportunities “pop up”, the kinder we all seem to be.

I am here to assist others in their healing.

It is my hope to change on the genetic level so much that my parents, sister and my children heal just from me making changes to heal myself. So looking forward to taking Vianna Stibal’s class Family Ties class!

I am learning to do the “doing”…I can sit and write, talk, hope and dream all I want. It still takes some “doing” to manifest the life I want. The garden isn’t going to grow what I want to eat by me sitting here wanting cantaloupe…the seed needs planted.

Then again…what if I could focus manifesting energy so well that that cantaloupe appears on the table in front of me? Now *that* would be fun!

I believe anything is possible…well I think I do anyway!


It is my vision to help people tap into their own innate gifts of healing and creation. To witness people release fear, gain feelings and beliefs that are in their highest and best good that they may move forward into a happier, healthier, more full life. To help others Awaken their own Inner Light.

ThetaHealing® is a gift that found me. It is my vision to share this gift with love to help others and raise love in the world.


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