Chasing and Facing the Shadow

Published October 3, 2014 by katiekieffer

The shadow self. The “dark side”. The side of us we hide. Many understand what this is, many embrace their dark side, and even play in it. This was frightening for me for some time. Why would I want to play with my dark side – as in actually engage in activities my dark side would think about doing? Had I done this, I’d likely have ended up in jail for vandalism more than once, and maybe even assault.

Then comes along Debbie Ford’s book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Even with all the knowledge gained and “stuff” cleared, this book offered many epiphanies! No longer is my “dark side” something to hide from, no longer do I fear my 20141003_122804shadow self. Thank you Debbie, for sharing some of your life to help others, and for sharing exercises that helped you.

During my journey with Debbie, I was usually driving. Thank goodness for audio books! Of course, I didn’t do the entire exercise as she guides during the drive…that was saved for home with the hard copy of the book. Still, as she would walk me through the meditations, I did some visualizing. What I found about myself through these visualizations was amazing. It removed my fear of the shadow. I also saw that my shadow self contains those parts of me that I admire in others! These wonderful qualities I had disowned, and could only see in others are part of my shadow. No wonder my shadow self felt so trapped.

In beginning to acknowledge these different aspects of myself, it became clear that I indeed am whole. I have the ability to become, as Bruce Lipton says in The Honeymoon Effect, like a noble gas. Accepting that I indeed have that violent side of me that when provoked wants to destroy, yet experiencing the actions held in check by that Peaceful Polly aspect of myself, taught me that my desire for peace far outweighs my desire to destroy.

This has opened the door for me to accept more of those aspects of myself that I have thought “unacceptable” for whatever reason. Each aspect of myself has a benefit to me, and maybe even others somewhere along the line.

Overall, this is an amazing guide. Give it a read or a listen…see how it resonates with you!


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