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Growing the Comfort Zone

Published October 8, 2014 by katiekieffer

Comfort. What does that word make you think of? Snuggling down under a cozy blanket in front of a fire? Chicken Soup? An awesome pair of shoes? Your favorite jeans?

Floating Steps by Shawn Allen

Photo Credit: Shawn Allen

We all have some perspective of comfort. How about the “comfort zone”? What is your comfort zone? Do you step outside of it or stay comfortably and securely within that boundary?

A few questions for you:

What is the worst thing that could happen if you step outside of your comfort zone?

What is the best thing that could happen if you step outside of your comfort zone?

Who in your life is a good support for you when you choose to stretch outside your comfort zone?

Our comfort zones are created by the subconscious mind to keep us safe. It can be scary and uncomfortable to stretch and take a step outside of those walls. However, staying in the “safe zone” can also limit us. You want to grow and thrive in your business, your love life, your family, your health? Taking steps beyond the comfort zone is critical! It is something we all must do at some point or another, and often we find that it’s safer than we could see from safe side of that boundary.

That new higher paying job requires you to submit the resume or application and be interviewed. Living with those you love means addressing bad behaviour and hurt feelings, as well as recognizing accomplishments and praising the awesome things they do. Both of these can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Growing a business means picking up the phone and making those calls you need to make, writing and putting it out there for the world to see, showing up to your clients and customers, spending money when it seems like there’s nothing to spend. Allowing others to do some of the things you would normally do so you have time to care for yourself is crucial to health.

What happens if you step outside your comfort zone and get slapped in the face?! Do you view it as “I’m not doing that again!” or do you “Well that sucked. Maybe this ____ will have better results next time.” Whether you use that experience to cringe and hide in fear or take the lesson, make some tweaks and try again determines how successful you’ll be later down the road.

Realize this: It’s OK to be startled. It’s OK to feel frightened about stepping out again. It’s OK to take your time stepping out again, or taking smaller steps. The key is to do it again. Give it another shot! Maybe you stepped out the first time without enough information. Well, now you have that information and can integrate it. The key to growing and thriving is to get out there and make some noise in your own life. Stretch beyond those boundaries of comfort, your zone will grow with you!

Katie Kieffer 2005

Katie Kieffer 2005

A little story:

At the young age of 24, about 5 months pregnant with my daughter, I signed on to sell Pampered Chef® products. I LOVED the products (still do, especially the stoneware!) and wanted to get my own kitchen outfitted at a lower cost. There was little commitment (something like 6 shows) to meet my end of the agreement.

Well, as I sat there with this lovely group of ladies at their January 2003 kick off bash, I signed on the dotted line and paid for my starter kit – with my heart in my throat and a knot in my belly. “How am I going to do this? I don’t stand in front of people and talk! I have no idea how to demonstrate these products! Can I really do this?” All these and more flowed through my mind and body. I was scared. Had I allowed fear to reign, I would never have signed the papers and become a consultant.

My first show was small, 3 or 4 guests in attendance. The hostess was also in direct sales, a basket company, and she had a team. I don’t know if they could even hear me during most the demonstration! I kept my head down, my knees knocking, heart pounding talking more to the tools than the people. I had no idea what on earth I was doing, even though I had practiced the recipe. I mumbled. I stumbled over my words. I “um”ed a lot. Certainly I was beet-faced with embarrassment, I felt so anyway. In the end, I was so glad to head home! Blessedly, the ladies were kind and everyone ordered. If they thought ill of me they didn’t show it.

Had they been different, I don’t know how I would have continued, or if I would have. At that point in my life I was largely driven, actually limited, by fear. I was blessed with a great team to be part of, an awesome director who saw far more in me than I could see.

Fast-forward to today. Had I not taken that step out of my comfort zone then, chances are I wouldn’t be where I am today. Had I allowed the nay-sayers and other-than-kind people’s discouragement override the encouragement received from my team and loved ones, I would have never done many of the things I have done, I wouldn’t have learned and grown.

You can do this too! If you are surrounded by nay-sayers and unkind, other than supportive people, change your people! Get into groups that can help support and guide you on your journey. Find those people who see you thriving and being happy – and are happy for you. You deserve this, you deserve to have people around you who will lift you up, who will fan the embers of that passion you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to pursue. These are the people that will help you find the lesson in those slap-you-in-the-face experiences, they’ll hold your hand while you cry when something awful happened – and they’ll tell you “You got this, try again.”

Step out of your comfort zone. Big steps, baby steps, toe steps, every one will change your life.

The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly – Corra Harris 1869-1935, Writer and Journalist


Chasing and Facing the Shadow

Published October 3, 2014 by katiekieffer

The shadow self. The “dark side”. The side of us we hide. Many understand what this is, many embrace their dark side, and even play in it. This was frightening for me for some time. Why would I want to play with my dark side – as in actually engage in activities my dark side would think about doing? Had I done this, I’d likely have ended up in jail for vandalism more than once, and maybe even assault.

Then comes along Debbie Ford’s book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Even with all the knowledge gained and “stuff” cleared, this book offered many epiphanies! No longer is my “dark side” something to hide from, no longer do I fear my 20141003_122804shadow self. Thank you Debbie, for sharing some of your life to help others, and for sharing exercises that helped you.

During my journey with Debbie, I was usually driving. Thank goodness for audio books! Of course, I didn’t do the entire exercise as she guides during the drive…that was saved for home with the hard copy of the book. Still, as she would walk me through the meditations, I did some visualizing. What I found about myself through these visualizations was amazing. It removed my fear of the shadow. I also saw that my shadow self contains those parts of me that I admire in others! These wonderful qualities I had disowned, and could only see in others are part of my shadow. No wonder my shadow self felt so trapped.

In beginning to acknowledge these different aspects of myself, it became clear that I indeed am whole. I have the ability to become, as Bruce Lipton says in The Honeymoon Effect, like a noble gas. Accepting that I indeed have that violent side of me that when provoked wants to destroy, yet experiencing the actions held in check by that Peaceful Polly aspect of myself, taught me that my desire for peace far outweighs my desire to destroy.

This has opened the door for me to accept more of those aspects of myself that I have thought “unacceptable” for whatever reason. Each aspect of myself has a benefit to me, and maybe even others somewhere along the line.

Overall, this is an amazing guide. Give it a read or a listen…see how it resonates with you!

Harmony of Irons in the fire. Balance of Hats to wear.

Published October 1, 2014 by katiekieffer

Writing. Blogging. Business building, working ON and IN. Time. Motherhood. Homeschooling. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 7 furbabies. Fledgling garden. Goals of having a flock of chickens next year (since we haven’t made progress on that in the last 2), a cattio built, and a whole host of other things on a “to do” list.

Can I clone me? A more organized, never-needs-downtime homemaker-gardener-cook-maid-laundress-perfectphotofinder-bookkeeper-marketer-virtualassistant- and best off all – massage therapist? Oh, and can she be invisible, the kind of Genie where everything is just magically done? THEN I can totally rock this thing out 🙂

Ok, ok, I get it. HARMONY. *OM* Harmony.

New Hair Cuts Summer 2014

Olivia & Chay sporting new hair cuts summer 2014.

If you’ve been following me or even look over the this blog, my twitter and facebook, it’s evident that I’m inconsistent. Even with all the tools in my toolbox, all the things I know, consistency has eluded me. There has been much improvement, thanks to ThetaHealing® yet there is still some inner work needing done.

I tend to think were I single, without kids and maybe only one or two cats that I might be more consistent with business, blogging, and my house would certainly be cleaner. Just re-enrolling my kids in public school would give me 5 days a week of freer brain space…maybe. Yet there is nothing I would trade for the love and adventure of all these choices I, along with my husband, have made. Cliche as it may be, it’s the life I have chosen.

When it comes right down to it, I do the best I can with where I am at in every moment. Some days are well balanced. Some days (or weeks) are spent on little other than business, as there were many weeks of my learning curve getting ready for the Divine Biz Gifts Giveaway of July 2014. My kids went largely on their own (at 11 & 14, they can handle some of this!) and did ok. I still felt as though they were being neglected. I have big ideas of my kids graduating from homeschool and testing out of the first two years of college. I myself could not manage to test out of the first two years of college right now, but hey – they can if they want to! Well, they’re not exactly motivated by this. Or at all much of the time. Still, big ideas and dreams for them…alas, they have their own hopes and dreams, and mine for them matter not. As long as they’re happy, responsible, kind people, then my husband and I have done well as parents.

Mullein 2014



Wild variety of tomato…YUM.

Likewise, the last several weeks have been home, garden, children and my own care based. Little to nothing to be consistent with business. I want to be in front of people. I have goals of having workshops every month and a full calendar of clients (my full calendar is less than 40 hours a week BTW) at least two weeks out. I want an active, helpful blog. I want interactive, fun, informative stuff going on in the social media realm.

HARMONY. How the hell do I get this all in HARMONY? It’s getting better, bit by bit…pixel by pixel…there is improvement. Still, it’s more like harmony over seasons, like the season is chunked into 1st month…garden. 2nd month…kids or biz, depends on what’s happening. 3rd month, biz or kids…again depending. The goal is to have this harmonized within a WEEK. The flow of all these things in harmony in a week. Everything getting attention, love and care every single week.

Garden 2014

Wild Tomatoes and a lettuce

Any of you deal with this? Do any of you “get it”? I know you do – even if it’s not building a business or homeschooling, you’re juggling something.

Please, for the love of all that is beautiful, sane and loving…how do you do it? Do you have sleepless nights that lead to the following day being a total wash because you can’t think, function or keep your eyes open? Do you ever feel like your children aren’t getting enough of you at times? Do you have to take some of those irons out of the fire and rotate them differently, maybe more slowly, or set some aside altogether? Do you get short-tempered and snap at the slightest annoyance when working on reduced sleep?

Do you have a human story to tell?

What do you do to that aims you (successfully or not) toward balance and harmony?

What thoughts run through your mind?

What programs/habits/behaviours do you find yourself re-playing that are other than serving you?

What about the programs/habits/behaviours that support you?

How do you effectively obtain the effective help you need from others? (and do you accomplish this without needing to melt down and act batshit crazy?)

Truthfully, I have no concrete idea of where this blog post is going, or what I expect of it. If you’re reading and have made it this far, any stories, tips, tricks, or ideas is appreciated.

Four Winds dinner

Date with the hubby at an awesome local restaurant.

Finding – and maintaining – balance and harmony is important. Making a go of the choices I have made is important. I LOVE doing ThetaHealing® and have every expectation that this will be successful. I LOVE having my kids home, knowing they are safe, cared for and truly learning (even if it’s not always what I think they should be learning – why should they wait till adulthood to learn about things they love?). I LOVE my furbabies, all seven of them, and we really do need more space for the feline babies. It is important to me to have a thriving garden that I can go clip fresh greens for salads or smoothies. It is important to me that my hubby have some help in supporting our family financially, so he can pursue more of the things he enjoys and the children can do more of the things they want to do…and I can do more of the things I want to do.

DYDNA Money Graphic

Doing this workshop made a HUGE difference in how I experience money. It’s easier, it comes in easier. It goes out more mindfully. This was a great start on improving my relationship with money 🙂

Balance and Harmony. I have worked on these ThetaHealing® style and it’s made some serious improvements…and there is more to work on to have consistent balance and harmony amongst all the hats that this woman wears.

Somehow it all seems to work out. It’s time for that to be more consistent. If I could change on thing in my life today…this is it.

How did you get to consistency? If you’re still on your way, what are you doing that’s working? Not working?

If you could change one thing in your life today….what would it be?