10 Things About Energy Workers and Healers

Published August 26, 2014 by katiekieffer

Energy workers. Manifesters. Believers in creating one’s own reality and experiences…we’re still human too.


10) They are True to Themselves

 Energy workers are generally true to themselves. When something is a great fit they go for it with a passion. When it doesn’t they move on to something else, with the lessons and knowledge of that which did not resonate – they can pass that information on to other seekers they meet.


9) Work to Heal Themselves

 Healer, heal thyself. This is not to say that every energy healer should be purely healthy. Rather, most energy workers and healers are on their own path of healing in some way mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. In fact, many energy workers and healers began doing energy work with the intention of healing for themselves! As energy workers and healers clear their own blocks, release their own grass ropes and heal their own bodies, the work they do for others becomes easier for them to perform and more powerful to the recipient.


 8) Have Compassion

 Compassion is what allows us to see that you really want the changes, that something is blocking you. Those blocks can and will be released when you’re ready, and a great energy worker is there to help you move through the blocks and get to the root of the issue. Compassion is what really drives many energy workers. Being the change they wish to see in the world ultimately stems from compassion.


7) Make and Take Time for Self-Care

 Most energy workers recognize the need for self care. This is particularly true when after a session they feel12 Steps to Self-Care drained themselves. Many have learned to draw from the Earth or cosmos so they aren’t using their own energy or running it through their own bodies. This does depend on the modality though, as some shamans actually do absorb the issue or illness into their own bodies in order to transmute it – which they know how to do and must engage in their own self care in order to do their amazing work.

Self-Care is critically important for everyone. I have seen many people overwhelmed and overloaded because they simply need to take some time to decompress. A few hours in the water, reading, taking a hike, meditating, sleeping, whatever calls to you – DO IT. It actually gives your brain the ability to process all the information it has received.



6) Enjoy Their Work

 Have you ever met an energy healer, worker, reader, psychic who just hates what they do? I didn’t think so!


5) Continue Their Own Learning

 Every energy worker I know is always learning. Everything they learn helps them to heal and grow for themselves and by extension become better at helping others.


4) Have the Ability to Put Aside Their Stuff to Work with You

 Really great energy workers have the ability to put their own “stuff” aside to help you through yours. Many times clients will mirror an issue the practitioner has. The key is the practitioner recognizing the trigger or issue with the ability to file the information away and work on the issue for themselves another time. In essence, a great energy worker stays present with you, helping you. When you go in for a session, chances are you are seeing a lovely, compassionate and peaceful, maybe even joyful, practitioner. This is generally true regardless of what has happened in that practitioner’s life. If that practitioner had a fight with their spouse or rushed to get the kids off to school that morning…you’ll likely not know!


3) Have Causes They Are Passionate About

 EnergKatie's Flairy workers are in human bodies and live in this world, just like everyone else. Truly everyone has something important that they are passionate about! Whether it’s increasing the love, decreasing hate and violence, being politically active for what they believe in or speaking out to raise awareness of some wretched thing for the purpose of changing it, everyone has something they’re passionate about.



2) Understand They Are On A Journey Themselves

 Every energy worker I have met understands that everyone, themselves included, are on a journey. Everyone has his or her own hopes, dreams, desires and things they want to accomplish in this life. Life is a continuous journey; there is no final destination where we just stop. Once the thing or place wanted is achieved, there is something else calling us ever forward. So enjoy the journey. Set y0411091209our goals, reach them, enjoy them. You’ll always have something else you want to do at some point. You may be happy with where you’re at for years…then one day decide that there is something else you’d like to learn or do. Maybe it’s a grand as learning to fly, going back to school for a degree or moving across the country…or to a different country. Maybe it’s something more like planting different flowers, fruits or veggies in your garden this year. Maybe it’s painting a room in your home a different color. There will always be something more for you in your journey. Enjoy this life here on Earth. It is your birthright!


1) Unattached to the Outcome

 Being unattached to the outcome of any healing work is really important. Some people heal and shift instantly while others want to be sick or stuck. If sickness is truly serving someone and they choose to continue being sick; that is their choice. An energy healer or practitioner has no control over the choices of the client and therefore does well to remain unattached to their client being healed. Everyone has their own free will and free agency to heal or remain sick as they choose. Some people simply need help to see that they can live and even thrive without illness before they will heal. Some people need to see that it is possible and safe for them to move forward in their life to become unstuck. Regardless of the situation, if the client chooses to heal and believes it possible and safe for them, they will. Likewise if they choose to remain sick for whatever purpose, no amount of healing work will heal them until they decide that it is safe and possible for them to do so. Beliefs play a huge role in whether people heal or not. Clearing and changing beliefs that keep one sick or stuck may be the first step necessary to open the door to healing. A practitioner can do everything they know how to do; yet it is important for them to remain unattached to the outcome. In the end, it is really up to the client what they choose to receive and change.



I had a client who came to see me. Consequences slide MemeThis person came with their story of what they wanted to change and had some understanding of why they were stuck. I did some clearing and some belief work. Some of this work took and some got “kicked out” even though this person said, “yes” when I asked them to allow Source to make the changes. I saw this person a second time almost a year later…and the story was * exactly * the same. Zero progress had been made. I personally am willing to work with this person, yet I hold no responsibility for the outcome of the sessions. Were I to become attached to the outcome that allows the space for them to shirk their personal responsibility for their life…and responsibility for my own life is enough for me!


This list of 10 Things Energy Workers and Healers Do is just a glimpse into the background of energy work. Energy workers and healers are in human bodies incarnate here on Earth on their own journey. They have families, their own challenges, and their personal reality bubbles are bumping with other’s personal reality bubbles.


I speak only of my own experiences here and those I have observed. I hope you find it interesting and that you gain some understanding of those energy workers and healers you personally choose to work with.


Feel free to leave comments, and for more information about ThetaHealing and me® visit my website! www.awaken-the-inner-light.com


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