Gratitude to Mama Kitty, A New Understanding

Published August 22, 2014 by katiekieffer

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Once upon a time, before meeting ThetaHealing®, I simply would do my best to read the body language of my furbabies. Mama Kitty was pretty easy to read, or so I thought. She was an indoor-outdoor tortoiseshell cat who loved her freedom to roam. Born into my family and taught to hunt and thrive on her own by her mother, Lydia, Mama Kitty was having none of this indoor-only stuff. No matter our living situation, we made sure she had the ability to come and go as she pleased. She lived to be a ripe age of 14. This is pretty long for a cat that was outdoors as much as she was.

Mama Kitty was with me through some of the most awful times of my life. She was always a comfort and joy. As a kitten she would curl up on my books as I read, successfully gaining the attention she sought. She went through 6 moves with me and lived in 3 states. On our last move back to North Carolina, she became rather clingy – unlike her. I assumed it was simply the stress of moving yet again and didn’t think much of it until I noticed her eating was reducing. Her eating habits were not always apparent as she hunted as much as she ate of her kibble. She was certainly well fed. After all, her mama wiped out an entire squirrel population within a year of her coming to live with us and she taught her kittens well.


I won’t go into the details, but in fall of 2011 Mama Kitty was ill with an oral cancer. By the time I realized that she was sick and got her to the vet, it was well spread. I grew up taking animals to the vet only when and if absolutely necessary, and even then only if we had a little money. My parents were too poor to take them otherwise. With such a program I carried, I waited too long to take her in. Truly she was ready to transition by this time. She had lived a long and difficult life, and transmuted a vast amount of energy for me (of course at the time I knew nothing of energywork). I had to make the heart wrenching call to end her physical suffering. She was ready, I cried and prayed and thanked her for all she did. By this time I did know of energy work and was in the very early days of my path and understood the transition well enough to know she was not only ready, but needed to transition over to the spirit realm.

Mama Kitty did so much more for me than I had ever realized. The more I learn of energywork, the more I realize just what she did for me. She snuggled with me when I felt unwell, pulling the illness from me and helping my body to process. She interrupted my hiding in books by demanding attention. She transmuted an amazing amount of negative energy during the 3 years I was with an abusive boyfriend. She moved with me, and moved again and yet again. She stayed with me when she could have disappeared. She loved me. She was my familiar, whether I understood that or not.

Thank you Mama Kitty for all the wonderful years you spent with me. Thank you for the amazing work you did for and with me. Thank you for staying with me even when it was an awful environment – and thank you for shielding me. You are loved, remembered and cherished. May we meet again somewhere in time. ❤



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