Communicating with Animals ~ ThetaHealing® Style

Published August 22, 2014 by katiekieffer

Do you know how to read your pet’s language? Do you communicate with them telepathically? Have you ever thought to? Animals tend to communicate in pictures rather than in words. For those of us who are more linguistic than visual, this can be a challenge. My favorite way to communicate with my pets is through the ThetaHealing® modality, going to Creator and asking for my consciousness to be taken into their space to communicate with them. If I run into trouble with understanding I ask Creator to translate for me and voila! it is done.

When Molly first came to us after my Nanny crossed over, she was lost. Poor girl, she had been with my cousin who works some 70 hours a week. She went from constant companion to an unfamiliar place with someone who had to be gone most the time. Thankfully my cousin was willing to take her in! My grandma and I picked Molly up after the funeral and took her back to my grandma’s house. That evening, I went to Creator and asked to communicate clearly with Molly. That was really my first big experience with animal communication. I showed her that she would be living with my family now and that she was safe and loved. Immediately there was a shift…and she’s been my dog ever since.

The next day, I let Molly out to potty and she disappeared! I called and called for her to no avail. So, I went to Creator and asked to be taken to Molly. I could feel my consciousness heading over the hill and a moment later; here she came bounding up the hill! She had been exploring.

 Sean's Phone Photos 1157

A couple years ago, we were getting ready for our beach trip. As we were loading the car, my Houdini kitty, Midnight, got out and headed up a tree. He knew we were leaving and thought we weren’t coming back! He would not come down with any coaxing from any of us. I went to Creator and tried to communicate with him, and he was having none of it. So I went and asked to talk to our kitty we allow outside, Sugar. I told Sugar that we would be gone for several days, showed her who would be taking care of them, and that we would be back. Immediately Midnight began his decent from the tree. By communicating with Sugar, they ALL got the message! This was an amazing experience!

 {{{{Pictures of Sugar, Midnight, Callie, Little Bits and Shadow to come later!}}}} {{{computer isn’t playing nicely in showing me the photos}}}} {{{{Check back later to see the furbabies!}}}}

So, here I will tell you how to communicate with animals ThetaHealing® style:

 Begin in your heart chakra, feeling that energy expand and get bright. Send this down into Mother Earth imagining that you know just where the very center molecule of the Earth is. Scoop up some Mother Earth energy and bring it up through your feet, feel it coming up your legs, through your chakras, opening and balancing each as is passes through. Allow this energy to continue out the crown chakra into a beautiful ball of light just above the crown.

 Take this ball of light with your consciousness in it and go up, up, up. Far beyond the stars, beyond the universe, up, up, up. You’ll pass some white lights, some dark lights, some white lights and some more dark lights. Keep going up until you feel a jelly like substance that is colorful. Stay in your ball of light and continue up through the jelly like substance. Look for a bright pink light with a window in it, this is the Law of Compassion. The Law of Compassion will help you to go through the window.

 Once you have gone through the window, notice the bright, white iridescent light. Notice how it shimmers and glows. Allow this light to fill you. You are now in the Source energy of the All that Is.

 Ask the Source Energy to take you over the crown of your pet’s head gently and ask to communicate with your pet. It is best to visualize pictures of what you want to communicate to your pet. If you have trouble formulating a clear picture, ask Source Energy to translate clearly for you. Wait for the response.

 Once you’ve communicated all you want or the pet will allow, bring your consciousness back over your own crown and imagine a waterfall or rain shower cleaning your ball of light. Bring your consciousness back into your body, down through your chakras, back down to the center molecule of the Earth. Then bring that Earth energy back up to your crown chakra. You should feel grounded and in your body now.

 Congratulations! You just had a ThetaHealing® communication with your pet!

 NOTE: When formulating pictures for animals, it is important to be as clear as possible. Should you find yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation and you want to transmit the message “Don’t bite me” and show them a picture of biting, it may be misunderstood and cause a bite. Instead, transmit pure love to them and move away slowly. This may not always work, so use common sense and stay calm in these kinds of situations.

Animals transmute energy. They may pick up sickness from their guardians or become sick due to the guardian’s beliefs. It is important to clear the animal of negative energy, sending it to Creator then see what is going on with them if they refuse to communicate with you. You can always go back up to Source Energy and ask for Creator’s perspective, understanding and truth of what is happening if there is confusion when doing animal communication.

 This is the best way, and most clear way I have ever communicated with an animal. My hope is that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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