What You Need to Know This Spring

Published April 14, 2014 by katiekieffer


I have been reading this post about the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross. Now, I am no astrologer, but when something resonates as truth, it’s truth. So read this article. http://astrostyle.com/april-grand-cross/

Read it again.

The advice is GREAT. I will further emphasize *Be Gentle With Yourself* and others too. If you are going through some major expansion that is digging out all the stuff that the subconscious has been protecting you from…others may be too. Awareness is KEY.

It is looking like those who have been feeling suppressed will experience some liberation. If you’re one of them…pay attention. There is no need to be rash or destructive. Make sure you balance any of those impulses out. Gain your liberation with love and joy as best you can – your experience and future will be far more enjoyable!

The Jupiter – Pluto opposition is interesting. In the article they talk of growth coming at a price. I am tending to disagree with that – there is no need for sacrifice to grow. Whether you sacrifice to gain in this growth is completely up to what you believe – and you can change what it is you believe. Personally, I see what falls away, or “the price” to be things ready and wanted to be let go which makes it easy. 

Should you find yourself processing hard or struggling, it’s just beliefs that are making it so. You have the ability to roll with the changes easily and gracefully. Being aware of the energies is going to go a very long way to helping you be gentle and kind with yourself and others. Much is changing and is going to change. It’s up to you how easy it is in your life.

It seems that progress is being made regardless of whether one wants to or not. Those who are resisting personal growth and change are those most likely to have the harshest transitions and challenges. If you are living with someone resistant to change and you are embracing it, keep yourself in a place of love and peace. Recognize their choices without needing to take their drama on as your own. Keeping yourself in a place of love will go a long way to helping you stay centered for yourself.

Most important through this spring:

Observe without judgement – yourself and others

Stay in a loving space

Keep your energy field clear

Roll with it

Enjoy the ride!!


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