Definitions and Feelings

Published April 2, 2014 by katiekieffer



They are important right? If you are working in a group of people toward the same goal, you all need to be on the same page, and have the same definition of your goal. The same works for the Universe. If the Universe has a definition of something, isn’t it in your best interest to have the same definition (or at least perspective of) as the Universe? If you are asking the Universe to help you or bring you more joy in your life it helps to have the same definition and know what it feels like from the highest Source.

I have seen many changes in people’s lives just by aligning their definition with that of Source / Creator (or the Universe, God, Goddess, whatever you choose to call the highest realm of creative energy) and bringing in the energy of the feeling of that which they seek.



When asking for more of something or something different in your life, it helps to know what it *feels* like from the highest perspective. If you were raised in a family where love was scarce or the showing of it was, you may not know what love actually *feels* like. Pair that up with mass consciousness and media depictions of what love is and you can end up feeling awful in your seeking love, because your definition is different from the Universe / Creator’s and you have not yet had the opportunity to really know what love feels like.

change your thougts change your world


Conflicting Beliefs

Beliefs that directly contradict one another. You can believe “I love my mother” AND “I hate my mother” at the same time. So, to remedy this, getting Creator’s perspective of the situation and releasing the “I hate my mother” will go a long way to clearing up any relationship issues you may have with your mother. Likewise, you can hold the belief “I deserve to be wealthy” AND “I deserve to be poor” at the same time. Same concept applies. Creator’s perspective and releasing the “I deserve to be poor” will go a long way in allowing you, and helping you, to manifest more wealth in your life. It will change how, and if, you sabotage yourself.


Self Sabotage

Let’s be truthful. Most of us have sabotaged ourselves at some time or another. We may have even recognized what we were doing in the midst of it but could not or would not stop. It’s those definitions, beliefs and feelings driving us! Aligning your definition with Creator’s and instilling the feeling from the highest Source of Creation changes that profoundly.

Changing things I cannot Accept

How do I GET THAT?!

How do we get definitions and feelings from and aligned with Source/Creator/Universe/God/Goddess etc? Well, we go and get it!  We actually take our energy and consciousness to Source and “download” or “instil” the energy of the definition and the feeling into ourselves (or a practitioner does this for a client). It is amazing to feel the energy move and epiphanies that can happen. People can even *look* different after a session. It is gentle and subtle yet profound and evident. The more you align with the highest definition and feeling, the more you clear out the beliefs that no longer serve you…the faster you manifest energy to matter, the more clear your life becomes.

It does require active participation on your part. It does require that you are willing to take a look at your own beliefs, many you likely have no idea you hold. Many of these aren’t even yours – and that is the good news! Many of these are blood or cellular memory from parents and ancestors. Many are mass-consciousness stuff. Many are from our parents and the environment we grew up in. We absorbed quite a lot of the definitions, feelings and beliefs without our realizing it or controlling it. However, we CAN change it and control what we choose to allow into our energy in the future.

The choice is yours. It is YOUR LIFE. Make it one you enjoy! 🙂


P.S. I am only familiar with the ThetaHealing® modality in this and you are invited to share other modalities!


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