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Mother Nature’s Assistance

Published March 13, 2014 by katiekieffer

Mother Nature is amazing! North Carolina had an amazing, and destructive wintry and icy storm on March 7th, 2014. Power poles were snapped off…there were at least a dozen within a two mile radius of my house. Trees down everywhere, three of them on our property. It is amazing that there was little structure damage in my area considering the destruction this storm brought.

With so much destruction it is easy to whine and moan about how horrible it was…well for some that may be true. I found it to be mesmerizing and amazing! The ice on the trees, on the fences, the oh so clear water puddled everywhere. Most of all I was amazed at how this HELPED me. Yes, HELPED me. The pine that fell in the front yard landed on my dormant garden. MULCH. Yep, Mother Nature put pine needle mulch right where I needed it! I have to fish out the wood and clean up yes, then just rake the mulch where I want it! How cool is that?!


Out back we have two Wild Plum trees that are very unhealthy. Took me many years to figure out what they were. No fruit at all until 2 years ago, and we’ve had a couple pieces last year. Nothing really edible though. I had been thinking of taking those trees out and planting some Peach trees and maybe a couple of Apple trees. Well, another tree fell right across the Wild Plums. Mother Nature pretty much took them out for me. To me this is confirmation that it’s OK to take them out.


We purchased a wood chipper from Craigslist last year…and with all these branches down, I should have plenty of mulch for my gardens this year, without having to spend much money on it. The thicker parts of the branches will go to firewood. Yep, we heat with a wood stove and now we have a nice jump on firewood for next year! Something I had intended to do last year, stock up firewood over the summer so when it gets cold we can just fire it up whenever, and it’s nice to have wood that we can have in the fire pit. Well, the DOING part was missed. Great intentions, but no effective action.

Mother Nature is helping me with ACTION. The Year of The Horse is about action. If there is something you’ve been planning, talking about, wanting to do, etc. and haven’t taken ACTION on over the last few years…maybe you’ll get some motivation and/or assistance, in a loving way!  I find this to be loving as we had little damage, and I have to go out and clean up. It’s a kick in the butt to get out there and do what I’ve been wanting to do for a few years now. It’s my choice whether I whine and complain or see the beauty and benefit. I choose the beauty and benefit ❤

So, if you find yourself with something that could be considered disastrous happening in your life, look to what it might be helping you with. What have you been wanting to manifest? Did this help you on that path?

We can meditate for hours and hours with the purpose of manifesting something. It still takes action by someone to get many things done. This could be that awesome person you meet who can do the labor part for you, or it could be that “out of the blue” inspiration and desire to do it so strongly that you change your whole day to do it.

Cliché and True that every cloud has a silver lining. Find yours ❤