Renegade Enchantment

Published February 28, 2014 by katiekieffer



This art caught my attention this morning. So I went on a short journey to see what’s up. First, I looked up the definition of disenchant. A bit disappointed to find it means “free from illusion”. That’s not what I *feel* when I hear the words “disenchant” and “disenchanted”. When I hear, read, think of those words, I get more of a melancholy feeling. As though a separation from something dear has come about. So, further investigation led me here.

So much more than I had even considered! So, I shall keep it simple, the simple feeling and understanding I have of the above sentiment.

I am grateful that science and spirituality are merging some. Science is showing now what many spiritual beliefs have held as true for thousands of years. Humanity has moved away from faith into the “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality. What if it really is true that we need to believe it before we can see it? At least believe that it’s possible?

The disenchantment we see and may even have personally experienced comes from a place of negativity in my opinion. The nay-sayers, the disbelievers, the oppositionists have flooded society to the point where it is challenging to find a faith and really invest yourself into it. Understand that in no way do I mean religion, though for some religion and faith may go hand in hand. For me, faith has nothing to do religion.

I think I have always been enchanted by the worlds that are unseen by the human eye. The worlds that are felt, experienced, and unproven mystify me. I LOVE it. I LOVE the idea that there is so much beyond this physical, human experience. I LOVE feeling it, and knowing it’s there. I am far from understanding it, though through ThetaHealing® I am confident in exploring more through Creator.

That’s where my faith is. In some kind of Creative Energy that is pure love. No old guy on a cloud somewhere blessing some and cursing others, but one Creative force that is the source of all energy. This is beyond my comprehension…yet I am certain there is something.

So does this mean I am living an illusion? Maybe. So what if I am? Some say that all this physical stuff is illusion. Does that mean we are ALL living an illusion? Maybe. Again, so what? We are here, 3rd plane in physical form. Whether it’s “real” or illusion…what does that matter? We are still experiencing this life.

I think it’s much better to have some enchantment in our lives. Some mystery, some of the things that we can feel and know…and believe in though there is no proof. We can do this without judging others for their differences. We can each have our own enchantments, discuss our beliefs and experiences without needing to make others believe as we do. I think this is part of why so many have become disenchanted. The imposition of beliefs that insult the soul has led many to reject faith of any kind.

So, re-enchant yourself. Find something that makes you feel alive and free. Believe in something that resonates with your soul. If it makes you a renegade…so be it. We need more renegades from the conventional view anyway.




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