Showing Up for One Another

Published April 6, 2015 by katiekieffer

We show up for one another, whether we consciously want to or not.

We show up when called, and others show up for us when we call out.

Those moments when you wonder how you ended up there?

Yeah, those. You showed up – and so did others.

Whether we realize it or not, we show up to meet the subconscious cravings of others, and others do so for us. We do so within our own vibration, meaning that our own subconscious programs are complimentary to those we show up for. As we transform and change the subconscious programs, re-route neuropathways and re-train the cells of our bodies, how and when we show up for others changes. It is interesting though that the “old programs” we may think are gone can show up sometimes. This simply means there is something deeper asking to be seen and transformed.

My husband’s birthday was last month. He had a good day, I made him pot roast that he’d been wanting for a couple of weeks and we had an amazing cake from a local bakery, he received cards from his mother and brother, he had a good day at work. All in all, a good day.

Sean's Cake from Delicious Bakery ~ YUM!

Photo Credit: Olivia Rose Kieffer

We retreated to private space for our connection talk while the children played and burned off that cake. Apparently the cards triggered him deeply. He felt sadness. These relationships he has with his mother and brother aren’t exactly healthy, they’re actually closer to non-existent. He wants very much to feel, and be connected with them in healthy relationships. We have been learning, he and I, how to have a healthy relationship as truthfully neither of us had healthy relationships modeled for us. He grew up in an illusion of healthy familial relationships, while I grew up in out-and-out dysfunctional, abusive familial relationships.

My husband was bullied most of his childhood. He was an easy target being small in stature and always the “new kid”. He was rather sickly as a young child, having pneumonia several times. Most of his life he has felt beat up. The bullying continued in his mind well into adulthood, being beat up became a subconscious program. This is a man who is an amazing human being. This gentle, loving soul over time developed layers of protection from what he was programmed to see as meanness of the outside world. Heightened senses created physical responses to perceived and sometimes real threats manifesting as hyperawareness of environment, anxiety and panic attacks. Fear ruled him most of his life.

So, we’re in our private space for conversation, and it’s going well. I share a bit of challenges I have been seeing in the ThetaHealing® practice I am endeavoring to create, and he shares his sadness about his family.

Somehow the conversation turns into old programs playing for both of us. His program of being beat up; my program of wanting others to see things my way and agree so I can be justified in my fears.

Truly, I have no idea now how the conversation got there, though I’m sure my husband could tell you. I didn’t realize it until after the fact. The conversation had turned from reminiscing about how family behaved early in our marriage, the reasons he has almost non-existent relationships with his mother and brother to “I have to buy supplies for projects when we have the available cash, even if I’m not ready to start the project yet” and my view of “wait till you need it then buy it because if it’s the wrong part, it doesn’t work or something changes we can return it for a refund”. Quite a lot of my programming here is around money, and so is his. While we’ve done a lot of healing and changing, sometimes we see programs re-emerge.

Photo by Katie Kieffer

Stopped running. She needed an adjustment and was purring again within about a half hour. Yep, he’s awesome! 🙂

**Aside: He has been working on getting our ’73 VW Beetle running for over a year, and she’s finally on the road. She needs some tweaking to run better, but she’s doing pretty good! Most parts for these are aftermarket, and of rather shoddy quality, resulting in “buy it and hope it works”. If it doesn’t work, mix and match, modify, whatever needs done to get it to work. This has been taking up a huge amount of brain space for him and a large part of conversations.

Back to our conversation, it was very good until the old programs started playing, then it strained a bit. I had no intention of making him feel beat up, but that’s what happened. Or did I? I had no conscious intention of “beating him up”. Enter the idea of subconscious programs playing. He was feeling sad about his family relationships. His program is of being beat up.

My program is of wanting to have my views validated, for others to accept their responsibility. In essence, “take responsibility for your own choices and quit bellyachin’”. Ok, to an extent there is a healthy boundary in there, however it’s been hidden amongst fear and feelings of inadequacy. These are things we’ve worked on, and it’s evident because we don’t see them much anymore. We can see how much we’ve grown and changed, the examples here used to be daily things, along with hashing over all that is wrong in the world. Apparently some of the old programs are still hiding out, likely attached to something else wanting and needing healing – else this conversation could not have gone as it did.

So the question is then: Did I show up for him? Did I show up and meet his subconscious craving to feel beat up? Or did I for some reason go into “I need to be defensive and validated” and he showed up for me? Earlier in the conversation about my healing practice, I got triggered around money programs, and it falls right into this. He showed up to trigger me – showing me a subconscious program, a craving for that defensiveness, showing me that while I’ve come a long way in healing, there is still more to do. I showed up for him, leaving him feeling beat up. I never did feel validated, only defensive. However, both of us did see the programs playing – and that above all is what I feel is important!


Subconscious beliefs held on 4 levels: Core, Genetic, History and Soul

This, my friend, is an example of subtle, yet very direct manifestations of our subconscious programs. These programs developed over time. Neglect, abuse genetic memory passed down, these all gave us each a feeling of being diminished. The bullies my husband encountered were deliberate in their actions, while the other aspects that promoted these programs innocuous. Those encouraging these programs likely had no idea of what they were doing or that this would be the result of their words and behaviour. The same is true for my own coming up. Many parents of our day practiced a combination of positive reinforcement and punishment to modify their children’s behaviour. For centuries we’ve been programmed to see the negative over the positive, and many parented that way. It’s what they knew. How many times can you recall being punished, and while you knew the words of it, had no real understanding of why on Earth you were in trouble? Often parents think they’re being “crystal clear”, when they’re actually being about as clear as mud. This is also true for many adult-to-adult interactions, because people can communicate so differently.

What I find most interesting is that often neglect and abuse go unnoticed until they reach the most severe forms. Sarcasm is regarded as funny, yet to small children who understand their world very literally, this can easily be received as verbal, psychological and emotional abuse because using sarcasm with children can leave them feeling confused and not knowing what to do – then get in trouble when a parent thinks they’ve been “clear”. Being present physically yet being entirely disconnected and emotionally absent is received as neglect. Most of us on the planet have received some kind of emotional and psychological abuse – intentional or not.

The idea of “Peaceful Parenting”, “Parenting for Wholeness”, “Attachment Parenting” and other ways of “Conscious Parenting” is relatively new in mass consciousness. That means that unless you’re about 15 years old or younger, you’ve likely been raise with parents who simply repeated what their parents did, at least in your (and their) younger years, even if they consciously made efforts to behave differently. Some of those programs played through. They are learning to be gentle, kind and free of using negative motivation. This is a process.

There was little or no widely taught understanding of the development of a child’s brain until the information began to flood the internet. Before this awakening, many parents had no idea they needed to shift how they spoke to and dealt with their children to facilitate positive growth, self-confidence and self-trust. They had no idea that the subconscious mind is so literal and so deaf to words of negation. “Don’t touch that!” sounds like “Touch that” to the subconscious mind; “I have told you over and over how to do that. You know how to do this, so why didn’t you do it right” comes over as belittling, diminishing who they are and their capabilities. When we begin approaching situations like this with the understanding that they may indeed need to be shown again how to do something when they go through a brain maturation period, we can keep their self-worth, self-confidence and self-trust more in tact. They also learn that their parents are trustworthy and safe. *Note, I speak to myself here as well. I am learning how to communicate with my children more kindly and lovingly…and some days it just isn’t so great. More often than not, our days are very good 🙂


Ninjas 🙂

Can you recall a time you got into trouble and were confused as to why? This might be the base reason for it, at the time, your brain could not process the message your parent was giving you, or expected you to remember. It is highly likely they had the same kinds of experiences as children.

My husband and I both absorbed the messages of our parents, messages they never intended for us to receive. We all do. They taught us to distrust ourselves, that someone else has a better answer, that what they defined as socially acceptable is how we were supposed to behave, or rebel against. Both of my husband’s parents were more of the conformist type, though they made some rebellious choices. My parents are rebels to the enth, which has it’s benefits. They simply didn’t have the tools to be healthy about it.

All of these experiences culminate in experiences we have, how we see the world, how we see other people, how we react or respond to situations and in conversations. While my husband and I did feel as we felt at the end of the conversation, we handled it far differently than we would have a couple years ago. Two years ago, this would well have been an all-out fight. I would have stewed around for days, he would have been waiting for an explosion – and he would have gotten it too. Now, we recognize the programs for what they are, we’re kinder and gentler with one another and ourselves. We are healing, individually and as a couple.

I am grateful for the raising of consciousness. I am grateful for those who began to understand the subconscious mind and the brain development of children. I am grateful for the awareness and knowledge of the subconscious mind. Without this information, and the information of “you create your life”, I would be a mental case. I would be as crazy as my family seems to be. Yet here we are, changing, growing, thriving, and loving. My parents aren’t exactly into the kind of energy work I do – yet they are experiencing subtle changes as I experience major shifts. It is all beneficial. The ripple effect is apparent.

How I see the world has changed. How I see my family has changed. I understand the abuse my parents went through, and the abuse their parents went through. I can only imagine how it goes on back through the generations. Having the awareness and understanding that I have gained in the last decade allows me to interact with my parents better than I ever could without it. I don’t see the “crazy” anymore. I see heartache, grief, loneliness, confusion and pain. I do what I can, meeting them where they are, hoping bring some awareness, forgiveness and some peace.

Rings AtIL E-Book Sabotage Uncovered!

Our wedding rings.

I am grateful to have embarked on this path of transformation. I am grateful my husband told me I was crazy and needed help, prompting me to find my first psychologist. I am grateful for our local woo-woo shop that introduced me to energy work and gave me words for things I already knew. I am grateful to the woman who stopped at my table at the farmer’s market and told me I needed to be in her class, she is now my teacher. I am grateful to see things as they are, with fewer triggers and less judgement. Sometimes it’s uncomfortable to look at myself, though I lean into it to promote growth. Sometimes I know I am stuck yet can’t see what it is, and when I work with another ThetaHealing practitioner, they pin point it. This helps me allow my Divine Spark to shine a bit brighter. When I heal, my family heals. When my Divine Spark shines brighter, it beckons theirs to shine brighter.

Are you recognizing how particular events or repeated phrases or ways of speaking have affected you? Do you see the patterns in your own life and behaviour, whether healthy or unhealthy?

Recognizing and changing programs facilitates profound changes for you, and those around you. What if you could step back and see the programs as an observer, free of getting caught up in the story and drama? What if you can allow yourself the space to allow your story to exist free from needing it to define, and/or limit who you are? You can be grateful for those experiences and use them to propel forward into excellent well-being, yet be unattached to them.

When in a situation where you ask yourself “How did I get caught up in this crap?”, what if you recognized that you showed up for someone? What if you investigated your own programs that called out for attention? What if you can actually change them? Well, you can. You really can. That power is indeed yours.

May you be blessed with healing, joy and love in your life

Wherever you are, whatever you have done or has been done to you, it is never too late to walk a path of compassion, forgiveness and transformation – for yourself and for others.

It is your Divine Birthright.

Claim Your Power


Growing the Comfort Zone

Published October 8, 2014 by katiekieffer

Comfort. What does that word make you think of? Snuggling down under a cozy blanket in front of a fire? Chicken Soup? An awesome pair of shoes? Your favorite jeans?

Floating Steps by Shawn Allen

Photo Credit: Shawn Allen

We all have some perspective of comfort. How about the “comfort zone”? What is your comfort zone? Do you step outside of it or stay comfortably and securely within that boundary?

A few questions for you:

What is the worst thing that could happen if you step outside of your comfort zone?

What is the best thing that could happen if you step outside of your comfort zone?

Who in your life is a good support for you when you choose to stretch outside your comfort zone?

Our comfort zones are created by the subconscious mind to keep us safe. It can be scary and uncomfortable to stretch and take a step outside of those walls. However, staying in the “safe zone” can also limit us. You want to grow and thrive in your business, your love life, your family, your health? Taking steps beyond the comfort zone is critical! It is something we all must do at some point or another, and often we find that it’s safer than we could see from safe side of that boundary.

That new higher paying job requires you to submit the resume or application and be interviewed. Living with those you love means addressing bad behaviour and hurt feelings, as well as recognizing accomplishments and praising the awesome things they do. Both of these can be uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Growing a business means picking up the phone and making those calls you need to make, writing and putting it out there for the world to see, showing up to your clients and customers, spending money when it seems like there’s nothing to spend. Allowing others to do some of the things you would normally do so you have time to care for yourself is crucial to health.

What happens if you step outside your comfort zone and get slapped in the face?! Do you view it as “I’m not doing that again!” or do you “Well that sucked. Maybe this ____ will have better results next time.” Whether you use that experience to cringe and hide in fear or take the lesson, make some tweaks and try again determines how successful you’ll be later down the road.

Realize this: It’s OK to be startled. It’s OK to feel frightened about stepping out again. It’s OK to take your time stepping out again, or taking smaller steps. The key is to do it again. Give it another shot! Maybe you stepped out the first time without enough information. Well, now you have that information and can integrate it. The key to growing and thriving is to get out there and make some noise in your own life. Stretch beyond those boundaries of comfort, your zone will grow with you!

Katie Kieffer 2005

Katie Kieffer 2005

A little story:

At the young age of 24, about 5 months pregnant with my daughter, I signed on to sell Pampered Chef® products. I LOVED the products (still do, especially the stoneware!) and wanted to get my own kitchen outfitted at a lower cost. There was little commitment (something like 6 shows) to meet my end of the agreement.

Well, as I sat there with this lovely group of ladies at their January 2003 kick off bash, I signed on the dotted line and paid for my starter kit – with my heart in my throat and a knot in my belly. “How am I going to do this? I don’t stand in front of people and talk! I have no idea how to demonstrate these products! Can I really do this?” All these and more flowed through my mind and body. I was scared. Had I allowed fear to reign, I would never have signed the papers and become a consultant.

My first show was small, 3 or 4 guests in attendance. The hostess was also in direct sales, a basket company, and she had a team. I don’t know if they could even hear me during most the demonstration! I kept my head down, my knees knocking, heart pounding talking more to the tools than the people. I had no idea what on earth I was doing, even though I had practiced the recipe. I mumbled. I stumbled over my words. I “um”ed a lot. Certainly I was beet-faced with embarrassment, I felt so anyway. In the end, I was so glad to head home! Blessedly, the ladies were kind and everyone ordered. If they thought ill of me they didn’t show it.

Had they been different, I don’t know how I would have continued, or if I would have. At that point in my life I was largely driven, actually limited, by fear. I was blessed with a great team to be part of, an awesome director who saw far more in me than I could see.

Fast-forward to today. Had I not taken that step out of my comfort zone then, chances are I wouldn’t be where I am today. Had I allowed the nay-sayers and other-than-kind people’s discouragement override the encouragement received from my team and loved ones, I would have never done many of the things I have done, I wouldn’t have learned and grown.

You can do this too! If you are surrounded by nay-sayers and unkind, other than supportive people, change your people! Get into groups that can help support and guide you on your journey. Find those people who see you thriving and being happy – and are happy for you. You deserve this, you deserve to have people around you who will lift you up, who will fan the embers of that passion you’ve stepped out of your comfort zone to pursue. These are the people that will help you find the lesson in those slap-you-in-the-face experiences, they’ll hold your hand while you cry when something awful happened – and they’ll tell you “You got this, try again.”

Step out of your comfort zone. Big steps, baby steps, toe steps, every one will change your life.

The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly – Corra Harris 1869-1935, Writer and Journalist

Chasing and Facing the Shadow

Published October 3, 2014 by katiekieffer

The shadow self. The “dark side”. The side of us we hide. Many understand what this is, many embrace their dark side, and even play in it. This was frightening for me for some time. Why would I want to play with my dark side – as in actually engage in activities my dark side would think about doing? Had I done this, I’d likely have ended up in jail for vandalism more than once, and maybe even assault.

Then comes along Debbie Ford’s book The Dark Side of the Light Chasers. Even with all the knowledge gained and “stuff” cleared, this book offered many epiphanies! No longer is my “dark side” something to hide from, no longer do I fear my 20141003_122804shadow self. Thank you Debbie, for sharing some of your life to help others, and for sharing exercises that helped you.

During my journey with Debbie, I was usually driving. Thank goodness for audio books! Of course, I didn’t do the entire exercise as she guides during the drive…that was saved for home with the hard copy of the book. Still, as she would walk me through the meditations, I did some visualizing. What I found about myself through these visualizations was amazing. It removed my fear of the shadow. I also saw that my shadow self contains those parts of me that I admire in others! These wonderful qualities I had disowned, and could only see in others are part of my shadow. No wonder my shadow self felt so trapped.

In beginning to acknowledge these different aspects of myself, it became clear that I indeed am whole. I have the ability to become, as Bruce Lipton says in The Honeymoon Effect, like a noble gas. Accepting that I indeed have that violent side of me that when provoked wants to destroy, yet experiencing the actions held in check by that Peaceful Polly aspect of myself, taught me that my desire for peace far outweighs my desire to destroy.

This has opened the door for me to accept more of those aspects of myself that I have thought “unacceptable” for whatever reason. Each aspect of myself has a benefit to me, and maybe even others somewhere along the line.

Overall, this is an amazing guide. Give it a read or a listen…see how it resonates with you!

Harmony of Irons in the fire. Balance of Hats to wear.

Published October 1, 2014 by katiekieffer

Writing. Blogging. Business building, working ON and IN. Time. Motherhood. Homeschooling. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. 7 furbabies. Fledgling garden. Goals of having a flock of chickens next year (since we haven’t made progress on that in the last 2), a cattio built, and a whole host of other things on a “to do” list.

Can I clone me? A more organized, never-needs-downtime homemaker-gardener-cook-maid-laundress-perfectphotofinder-bookkeeper-marketer-virtualassistant- and best off all – massage therapist? Oh, and can she be invisible, the kind of Genie where everything is just magically done? THEN I can totally rock this thing out 🙂

Ok, ok, I get it. HARMONY. *OM* Harmony.

New Hair Cuts Summer 2014

Olivia & Chay sporting new hair cuts summer 2014.

If you’ve been following me or even look over the this blog, my twitter and facebook, it’s evident that I’m inconsistent. Even with all the tools in my toolbox, all the things I know, consistency has eluded me. There has been much improvement, thanks to ThetaHealing® yet there is still some inner work needing done.

I tend to think were I single, without kids and maybe only one or two cats that I might be more consistent with business, blogging, and my house would certainly be cleaner. Just re-enrolling my kids in public school would give me 5 days a week of freer brain space…maybe. Yet there is nothing I would trade for the love and adventure of all these choices I, along with my husband, have made. Cliche as it may be, it’s the life I have chosen.

When it comes right down to it, I do the best I can with where I am at in every moment. Some days are well balanced. Some days (or weeks) are spent on little other than business, as there were many weeks of my learning curve getting ready for the Divine Biz Gifts Giveaway of July 2014. My kids went largely on their own (at 11 & 14, they can handle some of this!) and did ok. I still felt as though they were being neglected. I have big ideas of my kids graduating from homeschool and testing out of the first two years of college. I myself could not manage to test out of the first two years of college right now, but hey – they can if they want to! Well, they’re not exactly motivated by this. Or at all much of the time. Still, big ideas and dreams for them…alas, they have their own hopes and dreams, and mine for them matter not. As long as they’re happy, responsible, kind people, then my husband and I have done well as parents.

Mullein 2014



Wild variety of tomato…YUM.

Likewise, the last several weeks have been home, garden, children and my own care based. Little to nothing to be consistent with business. I want to be in front of people. I have goals of having workshops every month and a full calendar of clients (my full calendar is less than 40 hours a week BTW) at least two weeks out. I want an active, helpful blog. I want interactive, fun, informative stuff going on in the social media realm.

HARMONY. How the hell do I get this all in HARMONY? It’s getting better, bit by bit…pixel by pixel…there is improvement. Still, it’s more like harmony over seasons, like the season is chunked into 1st month…garden. 2nd month…kids or biz, depends on what’s happening. 3rd month, biz or kids…again depending. The goal is to have this harmonized within a WEEK. The flow of all these things in harmony in a week. Everything getting attention, love and care every single week.

Garden 2014

Wild Tomatoes and a lettuce

Any of you deal with this? Do any of you “get it”? I know you do – even if it’s not building a business or homeschooling, you’re juggling something.

Please, for the love of all that is beautiful, sane and loving…how do you do it? Do you have sleepless nights that lead to the following day being a total wash because you can’t think, function or keep your eyes open? Do you ever feel like your children aren’t getting enough of you at times? Do you have to take some of those irons out of the fire and rotate them differently, maybe more slowly, or set some aside altogether? Do you get short-tempered and snap at the slightest annoyance when working on reduced sleep?

Do you have a human story to tell?

What do you do to that aims you (successfully or not) toward balance and harmony?

What thoughts run through your mind?

What programs/habits/behaviours do you find yourself re-playing that are other than serving you?

What about the programs/habits/behaviours that support you?

How do you effectively obtain the effective help you need from others? (and do you accomplish this without needing to melt down and act batshit crazy?)

Truthfully, I have no concrete idea of where this blog post is going, or what I expect of it. If you’re reading and have made it this far, any stories, tips, tricks, or ideas is appreciated.

Four Winds dinner

Date with the hubby at an awesome local restaurant.

Finding – and maintaining – balance and harmony is important. Making a go of the choices I have made is important. I LOVE doing ThetaHealing® and have every expectation that this will be successful. I LOVE having my kids home, knowing they are safe, cared for and truly learning (even if it’s not always what I think they should be learning – why should they wait till adulthood to learn about things they love?). I LOVE my furbabies, all seven of them, and we really do need more space for the feline babies. It is important to me to have a thriving garden that I can go clip fresh greens for salads or smoothies. It is important to me that my hubby have some help in supporting our family financially, so he can pursue more of the things he enjoys and the children can do more of the things they want to do…and I can do more of the things I want to do.

DYDNA Money Graphic

Doing this workshop made a HUGE difference in how I experience money. It’s easier, it comes in easier. It goes out more mindfully. This was a great start on improving my relationship with money 🙂

Balance and Harmony. I have worked on these ThetaHealing® style and it’s made some serious improvements…and there is more to work on to have consistent balance and harmony amongst all the hats that this woman wears.

Somehow it all seems to work out. It’s time for that to be more consistent. If I could change on thing in my life today…this is it.

How did you get to consistency? If you’re still on your way, what are you doing that’s working? Not working?

If you could change one thing in your life today….what would it be?

A Part / Apart ~ The Musings of a Linguisic Mind

Published September 16, 2014 by katiekieffer

Have you ever paid attention to words and their meanings? Have you ever said something and it was interpreted differently simply due to the variations of language?

Sunday evening I was sitting outside, enjoying the cool breeze and watching the cloud covered sky. I realized that I could actually *feel* all that was around me, the oneness. I felt integrated and balanced. I had spoken with my father only moments earlier. I had recently reconnected with my mother; to whom I had not spoken to for over a decade. My family spent an amazing day at an air show and everyone seemed to enjoy it. It had been a wonderful weekend.

As I sat there in my recently acquired vintage 1950’s metal yard chair, I felt as though I was a part of everything. I heard that in my head….a part. My emotional system registered it as apart. Ding ding ding ding! Bells going off. So, I shifted my words. I re-wrote what I had in my head. “I am part of the All That Is.”, “I am part of the Universe.”, “I am part of my family.”

I also “went up” as we do in ThetaHealing® and got clarity and truth of these from the Creative Source Energy. There may still be some conscious effort to ensure that I continue saying “part of” rather than “a part” in the future, and it’s work I am glad to do.

Words really are so very important. Language is an amazing creative tool. To really understand how diverse and confusing the English language can be, teach someone to read English. In teaching my children to read it became amazingly clear just how many words sound the same yet have such different definitions, some are spelled the same with different pronunciations and some have different spellings. This can be rather confusing to learn and can lead to confusion in conversations with people from areas other than where you grew up.

Gain clarity of definitions as best you can. If something feels odd when you say it – rephrase it. Make sure you have a dictionary and thesaurus. You just might be amazed at the actual definitions of some words!

One day in a class or practice group, my teacher brought up the word “decadent”. What do you think of when you hear the word “decadent”? I think of a richly flavoured, silky chocolate cake, pudding or mousse; a dessert so delicious as to make one “mmmm” in the yumminess and bask in the moment of total enjoyment. Well, here is what the definitions say:


Oh my!! Before reading these I would have never thought “decadent” to be any of the above! Self-indulgent, maybe. Still, is really enjoying a wonderful dessert or anything else “self-indulgent”? Better yet, why do we have such a negative connotation of “self-indulgent”? Being “self-indulgent” can actually FEED THE SOUL. When you indulge in a warm bubble bath with music and exercise “unrestrained gratification” in that self-care, it is healing, nourishing and revitalizing.

Look at the judgement in some of these definitions: “having low morals and a great love of pleasure, money, fame, etc.”, “attractive to people of low morals who are only interested in pleasure”, “characterized by or appealing to self-indulgence”. Can one have high morals and a great love of pleasure, money fame, etc.? Can one of high morals be interested only in pleasure? Is everything appealing to self-indulgence indicative of low morals? Maybe this is simply my connotation of the definitions. As though decadence is something reserved for those of low-moral standing that no high-moral person would engage in.

As I write this post, I am questioning just how often people assume meaning based upon a connotation of a word or phrase rather than it’s actual definition. That connotation is often brought about by the context. Now I am wondering how often words and phrases are used erroneously due to connotation and context.

So how do we improve our communication? Vocabulary. Have a BIG one, and really understand definitions as well as the various connotations. A great way to gain vocabulary is to read. Read books from other times and places. Watch movies and shows set in earlier times and places. If you don’t understand a word – look it up! British English and American English are rather different, and understanding them both can be helpful.  Likewise the Spanish language of Spain and the Spanish of Mexico are different from what I understand (maybe another time I’ll address the benefit of learning other world-wide common languages…right now, I am monolingual).

Our words hold power. Are you familiar with the adage “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words shall never hurt me!”? Well, if you’ve repeated this to yourself or said it to another, chances are it is in direct relation to something someone said to you that DID hurt. Words can hurt. Words can heal. Words can be uplifting and joyous or they can be degrading. Use your words wisely, in what you think that is never verbalized, and what is verbalized. Changing how we think the words will change how we speak the words. Anyone who wants to can make this shift. If you hear or say a particular word or phrase that sends you reeling – look it up. Maybe it’s the connotation you’re familiar with that is the issue.

In order for us to move toward a more loving environment and to increase the love in the world, clarity in communication is important. Gaining clarity of our own words, actions and energy will help us communicate clearly to others and also removes much of the programmed judgments when we listen to others. We communicate with ourselves every single day, every moment of the day. What is playing in your head right now? How many times have those thoughts passed through your mind in the last week? What if you became more aware of your own self-talk and shifted the words and phrases to be more supportive and loving?

When we can communicate clearly with kindness, compassion, and peace, we take a huge step forward to our own happiness, and then we can begin to radiate that kindness, compassion and peace to others. ❤

**** NOTES:

Oh, the dictionary and thesaurus got a work out today! LOL! Words I looked up: monolingual; gratification, self-indulgent, decadent, connotation. Thesaurus got one entry: decadent.

As I ready myself to post this, I hope that all the grammar, spelling (some of it British) and definitions are used correctly. Reading and re-reading, it looks good. *crossing fingers* *crossing toes* that this post is accurate, clear and correct! *giggles*

10 Things About Energy Workers and Healers

Published August 26, 2014 by katiekieffer

Energy workers. Manifesters. Believers in creating one’s own reality and experiences…we’re still human too.


10) They are True to Themselves

 Energy workers are generally true to themselves. When something is a great fit they go for it with a passion. When it doesn’t they move on to something else, with the lessons and knowledge of that which did not resonate – they can pass that information on to other seekers they meet.


9) Work to Heal Themselves

 Healer, heal thyself. This is not to say that every energy healer should be purely healthy. Rather, most energy workers and healers are on their own path of healing in some way mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. In fact, many energy workers and healers began doing energy work with the intention of healing for themselves! As energy workers and healers clear their own blocks, release their own grass ropes and heal their own bodies, the work they do for others becomes easier for them to perform and more powerful to the recipient.


 8) Have Compassion

 Compassion is what allows us to see that you really want the changes, that something is blocking you. Those blocks can and will be released when you’re ready, and a great energy worker is there to help you move through the blocks and get to the root of the issue. Compassion is what really drives many energy workers. Being the change they wish to see in the world ultimately stems from compassion.


7) Make and Take Time for Self-Care

 Most energy workers recognize the need for self care. This is particularly true when after a session they feel12 Steps to Self-Care drained themselves. Many have learned to draw from the Earth or cosmos so they aren’t using their own energy or running it through their own bodies. This does depend on the modality though, as some shamans actually do absorb the issue or illness into their own bodies in order to transmute it – which they know how to do and must engage in their own self care in order to do their amazing work.

Self-Care is critically important for everyone. I have seen many people overwhelmed and overloaded because they simply need to take some time to decompress. A few hours in the water, reading, taking a hike, meditating, sleeping, whatever calls to you – DO IT. It actually gives your brain the ability to process all the information it has received.



6) Enjoy Their Work

 Have you ever met an energy healer, worker, reader, psychic who just hates what they do? I didn’t think so!


5) Continue Their Own Learning

 Every energy worker I know is always learning. Everything they learn helps them to heal and grow for themselves and by extension become better at helping others.


4) Have the Ability to Put Aside Their Stuff to Work with You

 Really great energy workers have the ability to put their own “stuff” aside to help you through yours. Many times clients will mirror an issue the practitioner has. The key is the practitioner recognizing the trigger or issue with the ability to file the information away and work on the issue for themselves another time. In essence, a great energy worker stays present with you, helping you. When you go in for a session, chances are you are seeing a lovely, compassionate and peaceful, maybe even joyful, practitioner. This is generally true regardless of what has happened in that practitioner’s life. If that practitioner had a fight with their spouse or rushed to get the kids off to school that morning…you’ll likely not know!


3) Have Causes They Are Passionate About

 EnergKatie's Flairy workers are in human bodies and live in this world, just like everyone else. Truly everyone has something important that they are passionate about! Whether it’s increasing the love, decreasing hate and violence, being politically active for what they believe in or speaking out to raise awareness of some wretched thing for the purpose of changing it, everyone has something they’re passionate about.



2) Understand They Are On A Journey Themselves

 Every energy worker I have met understands that everyone, themselves included, are on a journey. Everyone has his or her own hopes, dreams, desires and things they want to accomplish in this life. Life is a continuous journey; there is no final destination where we just stop. Once the thing or place wanted is achieved, there is something else calling us ever forward. So enjoy the journey. Set y0411091209our goals, reach them, enjoy them. You’ll always have something else you want to do at some point. You may be happy with where you’re at for years…then one day decide that there is something else you’d like to learn or do. Maybe it’s a grand as learning to fly, going back to school for a degree or moving across the country…or to a different country. Maybe it’s something more like planting different flowers, fruits or veggies in your garden this year. Maybe it’s painting a room in your home a different color. There will always be something more for you in your journey. Enjoy this life here on Earth. It is your birthright!


1) Unattached to the Outcome

 Being unattached to the outcome of any healing work is really important. Some people heal and shift instantly while others want to be sick or stuck. If sickness is truly serving someone and they choose to continue being sick; that is their choice. An energy healer or practitioner has no control over the choices of the client and therefore does well to remain unattached to their client being healed. Everyone has their own free will and free agency to heal or remain sick as they choose. Some people simply need help to see that they can live and even thrive without illness before they will heal. Some people need to see that it is possible and safe for them to move forward in their life to become unstuck. Regardless of the situation, if the client chooses to heal and believes it possible and safe for them, they will. Likewise if they choose to remain sick for whatever purpose, no amount of healing work will heal them until they decide that it is safe and possible for them to do so. Beliefs play a huge role in whether people heal or not. Clearing and changing beliefs that keep one sick or stuck may be the first step necessary to open the door to healing. A practitioner can do everything they know how to do; yet it is important for them to remain unattached to the outcome. In the end, it is really up to the client what they choose to receive and change.



I had a client who came to see me. Consequences slide MemeThis person came with their story of what they wanted to change and had some understanding of why they were stuck. I did some clearing and some belief work. Some of this work took and some got “kicked out” even though this person said, “yes” when I asked them to allow Source to make the changes. I saw this person a second time almost a year later…and the story was * exactly * the same. Zero progress had been made. I personally am willing to work with this person, yet I hold no responsibility for the outcome of the sessions. Were I to become attached to the outcome that allows the space for them to shirk their personal responsibility for their life…and responsibility for my own life is enough for me!


This list of 10 Things Energy Workers and Healers Do is just a glimpse into the background of energy work. Energy workers and healers are in human bodies incarnate here on Earth on their own journey. They have families, their own challenges, and their personal reality bubbles are bumping with other’s personal reality bubbles.


I speak only of my own experiences here and those I have observed. I hope you find it interesting and that you gain some understanding of those energy workers and healers you personally choose to work with.


Feel free to leave comments, and for more information about ThetaHealing and me® visit my website!

Communicating with Animals ~ ThetaHealing® Style

Published August 22, 2014 by katiekieffer

Do you know how to read your pet’s language? Do you communicate with them telepathically? Have you ever thought to? Animals tend to communicate in pictures rather than in words. For those of us who are more linguistic than visual, this can be a challenge. My favorite way to communicate with my pets is through the ThetaHealing® modality, going to Creator and asking for my consciousness to be taken into their space to communicate with them. If I run into trouble with understanding I ask Creator to translate for me and voila! it is done.

When Molly first came to us after my Nanny crossed over, she was lost. Poor girl, she had been with my cousin who works some 70 hours a week. She went from constant companion to an unfamiliar place with someone who had to be gone most the time. Thankfully my cousin was willing to take her in! My grandma and I picked Molly up after the funeral and took her back to my grandma’s house. That evening, I went to Creator and asked to communicate clearly with Molly. That was really my first big experience with animal communication. I showed her that she would be living with my family now and that she was safe and loved. Immediately there was a shift…and she’s been my dog ever since.

The next day, I let Molly out to potty and she disappeared! I called and called for her to no avail. So, I went to Creator and asked to be taken to Molly. I could feel my consciousness heading over the hill and a moment later; here she came bounding up the hill! She had been exploring.

 Sean's Phone Photos 1157

A couple years ago, we were getting ready for our beach trip. As we were loading the car, my Houdini kitty, Midnight, got out and headed up a tree. He knew we were leaving and thought we weren’t coming back! He would not come down with any coaxing from any of us. I went to Creator and tried to communicate with him, and he was having none of it. So I went and asked to talk to our kitty we allow outside, Sugar. I told Sugar that we would be gone for several days, showed her who would be taking care of them, and that we would be back. Immediately Midnight began his decent from the tree. By communicating with Sugar, they ALL got the message! This was an amazing experience!

 {{{{Pictures of Sugar, Midnight, Callie, Little Bits and Shadow to come later!}}}} {{{computer isn’t playing nicely in showing me the photos}}}} {{{{Check back later to see the furbabies!}}}}

So, here I will tell you how to communicate with animals ThetaHealing® style:

 Begin in your heart chakra, feeling that energy expand and get bright. Send this down into Mother Earth imagining that you know just where the very center molecule of the Earth is. Scoop up some Mother Earth energy and bring it up through your feet, feel it coming up your legs, through your chakras, opening and balancing each as is passes through. Allow this energy to continue out the crown chakra into a beautiful ball of light just above the crown.

 Take this ball of light with your consciousness in it and go up, up, up. Far beyond the stars, beyond the universe, up, up, up. You’ll pass some white lights, some dark lights, some white lights and some more dark lights. Keep going up until you feel a jelly like substance that is colorful. Stay in your ball of light and continue up through the jelly like substance. Look for a bright pink light with a window in it, this is the Law of Compassion. The Law of Compassion will help you to go through the window.

 Once you have gone through the window, notice the bright, white iridescent light. Notice how it shimmers and glows. Allow this light to fill you. You are now in the Source energy of the All that Is.

 Ask the Source Energy to take you over the crown of your pet’s head gently and ask to communicate with your pet. It is best to visualize pictures of what you want to communicate to your pet. If you have trouble formulating a clear picture, ask Source Energy to translate clearly for you. Wait for the response.

 Once you’ve communicated all you want or the pet will allow, bring your consciousness back over your own crown and imagine a waterfall or rain shower cleaning your ball of light. Bring your consciousness back into your body, down through your chakras, back down to the center molecule of the Earth. Then bring that Earth energy back up to your crown chakra. You should feel grounded and in your body now.

 Congratulations! You just had a ThetaHealing® communication with your pet!

 NOTE: When formulating pictures for animals, it is important to be as clear as possible. Should you find yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situation and you want to transmit the message “Don’t bite me” and show them a picture of biting, it may be misunderstood and cause a bite. Instead, transmit pure love to them and move away slowly. This may not always work, so use common sense and stay calm in these kinds of situations.

Animals transmute energy. They may pick up sickness from their guardians or become sick due to the guardian’s beliefs. It is important to clear the animal of negative energy, sending it to Creator then see what is going on with them if they refuse to communicate with you. You can always go back up to Source Energy and ask for Creator’s perspective, understanding and truth of what is happening if there is confusion when doing animal communication.

 This is the best way, and most clear way I have ever communicated with an animal. My hope is that you enjoy it as much as I do!

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